Do you have a paleo option?

We don’t have a paleo option, but with our clean eating approach focusing on nutritional needs and portion control, many of our meals are paleo friendly.

Do we have keto options?

We strive to create a lifestyle change, not focusing on diets. The long-term consequences for Keto are not yet known, as it’s a relatively new diet. We do have macronutrients listed so you can adjust for your personal preferences.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order. You may order however many meals you desire.

You may mix and match, we do offer a variety for returning customers.

Since there are five menu items a week, do I have to do one of each or can I mix and match?

Our meals are designed to meet your nutritional needs for lunch or dinner. We have many clients who order mix and match meals to accommodate for 3 meals a day.

Are these meals for lunch only?

The delivery fee is a $3 charge for the total order unless it is picked up at one of our hotspots.

Is the delivery fee per meal?