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Meet the Behrens

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I previously worked 2 years as a division 1 assistant coach, until God opened the door for me to step into Provision Pantry full time. I have seen how athletes at the highest levels fuel their bodies to get an edge. My experience has helped me see the importance of nutrition, not only for athletes, but for all. Energy is something people are desperate to get more of. I believe a properly balanced meal will help people reach their goals and feel better daily. I am excited to get to help others discover a better version of themselves.



I'm passionate about health and I am passionate about helping others to become healthy mind, body, and soul. For years I had a misconception of health and the lack of nutrients in my body caused more than physical damage. Food can be emotional rather than serving its purpose of fueling our bodies. I used to rob my body of something to get ahead and that mental game caused more upset than satisfaction. My experiences have fueled my desire to help others understand nutrition, and is the driving force behind this company. 

B.S Nutrition and Food Management.